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two peaces of art ive made during the last 2 weeks.

[here some other stuff before the 'art'. yesterday ive watched american beauty at 2 am >< I couldnt sleep because ive got fever... yeah in the time I need to learn hard for my exams ive got fever. my guena pig (?) is gonna die because she refuses to eat. =( sigh. well thats about it ]


This one is inspired by Josiah ^^ told you so. anyway its about keeping your innerchild and our animal spirit. it sounds weird and im the only one thinking about it, maybe. bla bla photos arent clear becaus of the cam.

on far away so you can see the paws and the cat=kat questions and affirmation

and one LOTR of frodo with the one ring. in the Op art stile from the 60's its didnt worked that well as you can see :s

side warts I know haha ><close up of the ring in the hand

now thats it. bye bye *waves*


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